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      Building foundation from Warring States Period found in Ou’erping Site, Shanxi Province 2018-06-26
      Ming Dynasty city found in Jiangxi Province 2018-06-25
      Mammoth tooth fossil discovered in Jilin 2018-06-24
      Excavation of Shangjing city site from Jin dynasty revealed the layout of the east building of imperial city in Heilongjiang Province 2018-06-19
      3,000-year-old village ruins discovered in China 2018-06-19
      212 Neolithic tombs discovered in Hubei 2018-06-15
      Ancient marble bracelets unearthed in Central China 2018-06-12
      Guojiaya cemetery along with a large-scale settlement of Qin and Han Dynasties found in Shaanxi Province 2018-06-12
      Ancient art shimmers on rocks 2018-06-12
      12,000-yr-old rock painting found in NE China 2018-06-12
      Rediscovering China's early civilization 2018-06-12
      Archaeologists unearth 4,000-year-old chariots in India 2018-06-12
      New Achievement Found in the Archaeological Excavation of the Eastern Market Ancient at ancient Chang’an city of Sui and Tang dynasties in Xi’an 2018-06-01
      2,000-year-old rock paintings discovered in Tibetan region 2018-06-01
      Large number of ancient tombs discovered in central China 2018-05-25
      730-yr-old stone pagoda found in Hebei 2018-05-25
      Important achievements from excavation of Southeast Area of Dasikong Village of Yinxu in Anyang city 2018-05-25
      Ancient musical instruments unearthed in NW China 2018-05-22
      Shang Dynasty relics found at Hunan ruins 2018-05-11
      Over 90 ancient tombs discovered in SW China 2018-05-08
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